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DLO International Credit Card is operated by DLO International Credit Limited (“DLO”). DLO is established as a Hong Kong licensed money lender since 2015. With years of money lending experience, DLO caters and focuses various loan services like daily interest and revolving loans.

DLO offers an innovative, seamless and fast approach to consumer and clientele base allowing us to adapt and to address your variety of needs – serving you with high business ethics and transparency.

Instant cash advance
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DLO International Credit Card Members Benefit

1. Enjoy more savings all year-round with the "DLO Member Price"

2. Activation Fee – HKD$100 will be charged when you activate your DLO International Credit Card.

3. A processing fee of 1.5% per transaction.

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Enjoy DLO Member Price

Enjoy more savings all year-round with the "DLO Member Price".

Interest Free Card Instalment

Members can enjoy interest free card instalment services on selected year-round.

Cash Advance Services

Members can enjoy cash advance services conveniently through our Third Party Payment Agent - VISA Information System Co. Ltd., hotline 2157 9940 or DLO website.

ATM Network Coming Soon.

DLO Online Member Service

View your monthly statement, current balance and transaction history with our Mobile App.

Special Merchant Discount

Shopping in our massive merchant network in Asia Pacific, unparalleled shopping discounts are offered to our members only.

Ensuring Smooth Members Experiences

We promise to provide the best service, 7/24 emergency assistance. DLO International Credit Card has expert and multilingual customer services representatives taking care of all your needs.

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Terms and Conditions: Offer is applicable upon spending of HK$500.

Address: 3 Floor, Willie Building, 222-224 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong

Summary of Important Fees and Charges of DLO International Credit Card

Effective Date: 1 December 2017

Interest Rates / Finance Charges
Annualised Percentage Rate (APR) for Retail Purchase Daily interest of 0.16%. DLO will review the APR for the Cardholder from time to time. If the Cardholder does not pay the Statement Balance of a Statement in full or before Payment Due Date, finance charge will be applied on (i) the outstanding Statement Balance calculated and accrued on a daily basis from the Statement date preceding the said Payment Due Date; and (ii) the amount of each new transaction being posted after the Statement date preceding the said Payment Due Date accruing from the date of such transaction is posted until payment is made in full.
APR for Cash Advance Monthly interest of 1.99% for 6 installments. DLO will review the APR for the Cardholder from time to time. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis accrues on the outstanding balance of each cash advance with effect from the date of the relevant Transaction Instruction to the date of repayment in full.
Delinquent APR Nil
Minimum Payment Due RMB50 or the aggregate amount of all the following items (whichever is higher): (i) All finance charges and other fees & charges billed; (ii) 1% of statement balance (excluding all finance charges and other fees & charges); (iii) Outstanding Minimum Payment Due (when applicable); and (iv) Total over-the-limit amount (when applicable)

Annual Fee RMB1,000 (Platinum Card)
Cash Advance Fee 1% of transaction amount or RMB60(whichever is higher)
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee All transactions effected in a currency other than RMB plus 1.78% (including 1% of reimbursement charge imposed)
Fee relating to Settling Foreign Currency Transaction in RMB Cardholders may sometimes be offered the option to settle foreign currency transactions in RMB at the point of sale overseas. Such option is a direct arrangement offered by the overseas merchants and not the card issuer. In such cases, Cardholders are reminded to ask the merchants for the foreign currency exchange rates and the percentage of handling fees to be applied before the transactions are entered into since settling foreign currency transactions in RMB may involve a cost higher than the foreign currency transaction handling fee.
Late Fee Daily Interest of 0.166% or RMB250 (whichever is lower)
Over-the-limit Fee RMB180 per statement cycle
Direct Debit Authorization (DDA) Payment Return Fee RMB150 each item

Section 24 of Money Lenders Ordinance fixes the maximum effective rate of interest on any loan at 60% per annum. A loan agreement providing for a higher effective rate will be unenforceable and the lender will be liable to prosecution.

DLO reserves the right to vary the fees and charges for customers based on their account record from time to time by notice. The above items may from time to time very by notice to customers.

Should there be any inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions of this important Fees and Charges of DLO, the English version shall prevail.